Spouse Rouse, Lead, Dir. Jaime Humphries
Love Me More, Supporting, Dir. David and Michael Karacic
Yes I’m Serious, Lead, Dir. Matthew Graham
Ruby, Supporting, Dir. Matthew Graham
Wait Time, Supporting, Dir. Aarhon Silver
Net Date, Lead, Dir. Peter Henwood
Lost for Words, Supporting, Dir. Julietta Boscolo
Asleep, Lead, Dir. Hua Nguyen


Standard US accent
Southern American accent
English accent
Irish accent
Horse riding
Burping (Level: Jedi Master)

Television & Web Series

Neighbours, Guest, Dir. Tony Osicka
600 Bottles of Wine, Guest, Dir. Ainslie Coulston
Late Bloomer, Supporting, Dir. Dan Eady
Dating with Corey,
 Lead, Dir. James Pratt
Close to the Bone, Supporting, Dir. Kerreen Ely-Harper
Winter, Supporting, Dir. Lynn Hegarty
Deadly Women Series 6, 7, 9 & 10, Lead, Beyond Productions
RAKE, Featured, Essential Media & Entertainment
Old School, Featured, Dir. Gregor Jordan
Packed to the Rafters, Featured, Dir. Pino Amenta
Underbelly Razor, Featured, Dir. David Caesar
Dance Academy, Featured, Dir. Jeffrey Walker
Spidersilk, Lead, Dir. Devin John Doyle

Training & Workshops

Audition Technique Master Class
Screen Actor Master Class
Sydney Acting Workshops
Sydney Acting Master Class
Alexander Technique
American Accent Master Class
Screen Actor

Greg Apps
Tony Bonner
Anthony Brandon Wong
Faith Martin
Barbara Robertson
Paige Walker
NIDA-various teachers